Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India has communicated State Reforms Action Plan (SRAP)-2020 with 301 reforms. SRAP-2020 mandated under Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) that procurement undertaken by Industries Department has been added as a separate area in the SRAP-2020.

Therefore, the Government of Telangana vide their GO Ms. No. 11 dated 19-09-2020 of Industries & Commerce (IP&INF) Department has nominated Telangana State Trade Promotion Corporation Limited (TSTPC) as the procuring agency for public procurement undertaken by Industries Department for implementation of the reforms through an online system to comply with the reforms pertaining to procurement under SRAP-2020.

TSTPC has its own Website: and started implementing the online e-procurement system for the Industries & Commerce Department, Government of Telangana. The following are the Departments, Corporations and other Organizations falling under Industries & Commerce Department:

Download GO

General Instructions to the above Indenting Departments:

1. The indenting departments/organizations have to place their indents for Goods & Services required online to TSTPC – procuring agency.
2. The Goods & Services required to be procured should be listed out and given in the Format A prescribed and available on the website under e-procurement.
3. The indenting department/organizations in addition to providing information as required in the Format A may also furnish any terms & conditions to be complied by the procuring agency relating to the Goods & Services to be procured.
4. TSTPC will float the tenders online through e-procurement platform and obtain the prices / quotes from the tenderers interested in supplying the Goods & Services and participated in the online tendering process.
5. The fee for e-procurement of the Goods & services to be procured will be informed to the indenting department/organizations and the intending department/organizations has to pay the fee to TSTPC online.
6. TSTPC will communicate the prices discovered through online process and communicate them to the indenting department/organizations for payment to TSTPC.
7. TSTPC on receipt of the amounts from the indenting department/organizations will place orders on the identified and finalized supplier of Goods & Services indented.
8. TSTPC will arrange for an inspection/visit of the Goods & Services to be supplied by the supplier at the place of supplier before they are dispatched for delivery to the indenting department/organization.
9. Once, the inspection is completed and the indenting department/organization is satisfied with the Goods & Services, TSTPC will issue orders to the supplier for delivery of the goods to the indenting department/organization.
10. Once, the supplies are completed a certificate of completion of supplies will be issued online which can be downloaded.
11. All the required formats, applications and other documents etc can be downloaded from the website under e-Procurement.

List of enclosures required for bidders:
i. Attested copy of valid GST registration certificates
ii. Attested copies of PAN and audited financial statements for the last three years
iii. Turnover statement for the previous three years duly certified by the Chartered Accountants
iv. Manufacture and Sales details of services/goods for the previous three years duly certified by the Chartered Accountants
v. Authorization letter from the Bidder nominating their own representative to participate in the tenders
vi. Declaration cum Undertaking in the prescribed format of the Tender Document

Tender Schedule Cost: Rs. 3000

For any Issues and Queries, Please Call us:
Procurement Manager: +91-8125288288